Sr. No Name of work Date of completion
1 Construction of boundary wall between barracks and courtyard in Distt. Jail ,Yamunanagar. Apr-19
2 Special Repair of old Houses (8 type-I and 240 Type-II and 14 Type-III)  in Police line at Yamunanagar May-19
3 Construction of 2 no. DSP houses in Police Line Yamunanagar. Aug-19
Sr. No. Name of work Date of start Stipulated Date of completion
1 Up-gradation of roads in Distt. Jail Yamunanagar 23.07.2019 19.01.2020
2 Up-gradation of Camp officeof S.P Yamunanagar 13.12.2019 12.08.2020
3 Comprehensive Maintenance Contract of STP in Police Line Yamunanagar 17.12.2019 17.12.2020
4 Construction of MitrKaksh in Radaur&Sadar  atDistt. Yamunanagar 09.12.2019 30.09.2020
5 Construction of MitrKaksh in Police StatioBilaspur, Chhachrauli&Sadhaura in Distt. Y. Ngr. 31.12.2019 27.08.2020
6 Const. of Cement concrete road (KotMoka) alongwith outer Boundary in Distt. Jail Y. Ngr. 31.12.2019 28.06.2020
7 Const. of MitrKaksh in Police StatioChappar, City Jagadhri and SadarJagadhri in Distt. Y. Ngr. 17.02.2020 14.10.2020
8 Construction of 2nd Phase of DAV Police Public School in Police Lines, Yamunanagar 06.03.2020 6.08.2020
9 Balance work for Construction of ASP residence in Police Lines, Yamunanagar 04.03.2020 01.08.2020
10 Renovation/Upgradation of Auditorium Building in Mukandlal National Collage Y.Ngr 20.04.2020 17.10.2020
Sr. No Description of Work