Sr. No Name of work Month of completion
1 Construction of Mtra kaksh in Police Station Kalanwali and Baragudah Distt. Sirsa. Dec-20
2 Construction of Mitra Kaksh in Sadar and City Police Station Dabwali in Distt.Sirsa. Dec-20
3 Construction of Mitr Kaksh in sadar police Station , Police Station Women Sirsa and Police Station Ding at Distt. Sirsa Dec-20
4 Construction of Mitr Kaksh in  Police Station Rori at Distt. Sirsa Dec-20
5 Up-gradation of Welfare Centre in Police Lines, Sirsa. Dec-20
6 Construction of 18 type-II, 6 Type-III and 4 Type-I houses in Police Station at Ellanabad, Sirsa. Jan-21
7 Construction of 12 type-II and 12 type-III Houses in Sadar Police Station at DabwaliDistt. Sirsa. Feb-21
8 Up-gradation of S.P. Office at Sirsa. Mar-21


Sr. No Name of work Date of start Stipulated Date of completion
1 Construction of 72-Type-II, 12 Type-III and 12 Type-IV houses in Police Lines Sirsa.  21.04.2020 06.08.2022
2 Up-gradation of   Road, Main Gate, Stage & Track, Park, Harvesting System, 2 Cow catcher, under ground water tank,  Raising of Boundary Wall and 2 Tubewell in Police Lines, Sirsa. 11.05.2020 09.10.2021
3 Up-gradation / Renovation of Bus Stand Sirsa 07.07.2021 03.01.2022
4 Annual Maintenance of Various Residential Police Buildings at Distt. Sirsa.  30.08.2021 29.08.2022


Sr. No Description of Work