Sr. No Name of work Month of completion
1 Construction of  Mitr Kaksh in Police Station Israna and Matlauda in Distt. Panipat Dec-20
2 Construction of Mitr Kaksh in S.P. Office, City Police Station and Sadar Police Station in Distt. Panipat. Dec-20
3 Construction of balance work in Distt. Jail, Panipat. Jan-21
4 Construction of Welfare Centre in Police Lines, Panipat. Apr-21
5 Construction ofMitrKaksh in P.S. Samalkha, Bapoli and ChandaniBagh in Distt. Panipat. May-21
6 Special Repair of toilet blocks of various Police Stations in Panipat Jun-21


Sr. No Name of work Date of start Stipulated Date of completion
1 C/o 72 type-II and 12 type-III houses in Police Line, Panipat.  02.12.18 18.09.21
2 C/o Officers Institute at Police Lines, Panipat 11.03.20 15.12.21
3 Providing and fixing various items under Accessible India Campaign in various Police Stations and Mitr Kaksh in Distt. Panipat 12.04.21 08.10.21
4 Renovation of existing Bus Stand / Workshop at Panipat. 29.07.21 23.02.2022


Sr. No Description of Work