Sr. No Name of work Month of completion
1  Special repair of Toilet blocks in barracks at HPA Madhuban Distt Karnal Dec-20
2 Construction of 24 Type-IV houses at Madhuban, Distt. Karnal. Jan-21
3 Construction of Women Police Station at Assandh, Distt. Karnal. Jan-21
4 Special Repair of Kitchen and Toilet of Barracks No.1,2, Admn Block, MTO Garage, NGO Mess & ORs Mess in P.L.Karnal. Jan-21
5 Construction of 42 houses for Class IV employees at Madhuban, Distt. Karnal Mar-21
6 Construction of NGO Mess at HAP, Madhuban Mar-21
7 S/R of Toilet Blocks in Barracks at HPA Madhuban,DisttKarnal Mar-21
8 Construction of CIA Police Station in Sector-16, Karnal. Apr-21
9 Construction of 5 class rooms in Dyal Singh College at Karnal. Apr-21
10 Construction of Office Building of AIG/Traffic and Highway (H) in Sector-7, Karnal. May-21
11 Construction of Boundary Wall concertina coil in Distt. Jail, Karnal. Jul-21
12 Special Repair of Santri Post and Barracks in Distt. Jail, Karnal Jul-21
Sr. No Name of work Date of start Stipulated Date of completion
1 C/o Four Female Barracks in HPA, Madhuban, Distt. Karnal 22.07.19 29.10.21
2 C/o balance boundary wall in Police Complex at Madhuban, Distt. Karnal. 01.04.20 27.11.21
3 Repair of 2nd Floor SCRB building for proposed State Narcotics Control Bureau (HSNRB) at Madhuban, Distt. Karnal 12.04.21 08.09.21
4 Upgradation of Multipurpose Hall in HPA, Madhuban, Distt. Karnal 04.05.21 30.10.2021
5 Construction of one barrack for Trainees in HAP, Madhuban, Distt. Karnal  30.06.21 26.12.2022
6 Compre-hensive Maintenance Contract for internal and Estate Public Health Services in Haryana Police Academy, Madhuban Complex, Distt. Karnal.  21.07.21 20.07.2022
7 Construction of Centralized Mess and Common Mess /  Canteen for all HAP Battalion Stationed at Madhuban, Distt. Karnal. 21.07.21 20.07.2022
8 C/o 96 type-II, 12 type-III and 12 type-IV houses in Police Lines, Karnal 07.10.19 23.02.22
9 C/o Community Centre at Newal, Distt. Karnal  08.04.20 31.12.21
10 Pdg. consultancy services for prep. of master plan, c/study and planning, surveying, detailed arch. planning, drgs, str.design and proof checking, DPR /DE, BOQ and other statutory clearances, periodic supervision etc. for C/o KCGMC, Karnal, Phase-II 21.05.20 30.09.21
11 Const. and Renovation work in Govt. College for Women at Karnal. 24.11.20 30.09.21
12 Laying new Sewerage line at Commando Police Complex, Newal, Distt. Karnal. 12.04.21 18.09.21
13 Providing and fixing various items under Accessible India Campaign in various Police Stations and Mitr Kaksh in Distt. Karnal 12.04.21 23.09.21
14 Construction of Additional Room with Toilets in IGP Office at Karnal.  25.06.21 21.03.2022
15 Upgradation / Renovation work in Bus Stand and Workshop Karnal and Indri, Distt. Karnal.  07.07.21 03.01.2022
16 Special repair of Watch Towers in Distt. Jail, Karnal.  21.07.21 31.12.2021


Sr. No Description of Work
1. Jail Academy at Karnal