Sr. No Name of work Date of completion
1 Construction of Secondary school in Police Lines, Jind. Aug-19
2 Construction of Triple Storey Barrack, in P.L.Jind. Oct-19
3 Construction of Canteen in Govt. College at Safidon Distt. Jind Oct-19
4 Construction of 6 Type-II and 2 Type-III Houses in City Police Station at Safidon Distt. Jind. Nov-19
Sr. No. Name of work Date of start Stipulated Date of completion
1 Construction of Administrative Block in Police Lines, Jind. 04.12.18 11.10.2020
2 Construction of 36 type-II and 12 type-III houses in City Police Station at NarwanaDistt.Jind. 31.12.18 15.01.2021
3 Construction of Police Station Building Civil Lines, Sector-7 Jind 11.03.19 30.09.2021
4 Construction of NGO Hostel and MT Grarage  in Police Lines, Jind 29.03.19 05.03.2021
5 Construction of 1 No.1990 Sft Residence (for MO) & 36 nos. 650 Sft for other staff in Distt. Jail at Jind. 07.10.2019 04.04.2021
6 Construction of Basket Ball Court and Boxing Ring in DAV Police Public School, District Jind. 19.11.2019 17.07.2020
7 Construction of MitraKaksh in Police Station City Narwana, SadarNarwana&Garhi at Distt. Jind. 19.11.2019 16.07.2020
8 Construction of MitraKaksh in Police Station SafidonAlewa, Pillukhera in Distt. Jind. 19.11.2019 17.12.2020
9 Comprehensive Maintenance Contract of STP in Police lines at Jind 30.08.2019 30.08.2020
10 Construction of two waiting halls in Distt. Jail Jind. 04.12.2019 2.10.2020
11 Construction of City Police Station at SafidonDistt.   Jind. 31.12.2019 20.01.2021
12 Renovation of toilet and kitchen in Police Station Garhi,Uchana, AlewaSadarNarwana and Sadar in Distt.Jind. 05.05.2020 02..09.2020
Sr. No Description of Work
1. Construction of DSP Residence Uchana, Jind
2. Construction of DSP Residence Narwana, Jind.
3. Construction of Tripple Storey Barrack in Police Lines, Jind.
4. Construction of Officers Institute in Police Lines, Jind.
5. Construction of Shops in Police Lines, Jind.
6. Construction of SP Residence in Police Lines, Jind.