Sr. No Name of work Month of completion
1 Construction of Mitra Kaksh in Police Station Safidon Alewa, Pillukhera in Distt. Jind. Dec-20
2 Construction of 36 type-II and 12 type-III houses in City Police Station at NarwanaDistt. Jind. Feb-21
3 Construction of NGO Hostel and MT Grarage in Police Lines, Jind. Apr-21
4 Construction of MitrKaksh in Police Station City Narwana, SadarNarwana&Garhi at Distt. Jind. May-21


Sr. No Name of work Date of start Stipulated Date of completion
1 Construction of Police Station Building Civil Lines, Sector-7 Jind 11.03.19 30.09.2021
2 Construction of 1 No.1990 Sft Residence (for MO) & 36 nos. 650 Sft for other staff in Distt. Jail at Jind. 07.10.2019 28.10.2021
3 Construction of City Police Station at Safidon Distt.   Jind. 31.12.2019 18.10.2021
4 Comprehensive Maintenance Contract of STP in Police lines at Jind. 16.09.2019 16.09.2021
5 Annual Maintenance of various Residential Buildings at Jind. 07.07.2021 20.07.2022


Sr. No Description of Work