Sr. No Name of work Month of completion
1 Construction of 48 Type-II houses in Police Lines, Manaser, Gurugram. Mar-21
2 Construction of MitrKaksh in Police Station IMT Manesar&Faruknagar in distt. Gurugram Mar-21
3 Establishing Mirror Response Centre (MERC) in Commissioner of Police at Gurugram. Apr-21
4 Construction of  Police Station, DLF-III in Gurugram. May-21
5 Construction of Police Station Sector-65 Gurugram. Jun-21
6 Construction of MitraKaksh in P.S Sec-38, Sec-56, P.S SohnaDistt. GGM Jun-21
7 Construction of Mitr. Kaksh in Police station Campus at DLF phase-1, Sec-5, PalamVihar& Sec-51 distt. Gurugram. Jun-21
8 Special Repair of 281 House of various type of Police Line Gurugram. Jun-21
9 Construction of 3 Nos. Rain water Harvesting wells in Police Lines, Gurugram. Jul-21
10 Renovation of Police Office SP/RTC/DIGP/STF/IGP/IRB at BhondsiDistt. Gurugram. Jul-21


Sr. No Name of work Date of start Stipulated Date of completion
1 Const. of 192 T-II houses at R.T.C bhondsi(Group-A) 16.09.2019 11.02.2022
2 Const. of 192 T-II houses at R.T.C bhondsi(Group-B) 16.09.2019 11.02.2022
3 Const. of 192 T-II houses at R.T.C bhondsi(Group-C) 16.09.2019 13.03.2022
4 Const of DCP office Manesar distt Gurugram 2.10.2019 10.09.2021
5 Const. of state crime office at Bhondsi GGN 19.09.2019 10.05.2022
6 Const. of New Hostel building in Govt. college Sec-14 Gurugram. (Education Department) 11.05.2020 7.10.2021
7 Comprensive Maintance of STP in Bhondsi GGM 10.09.2020 9.09.2021
8 Balance work of Const. of 24 Nos T-III(stilt+6) houses in city Police station at Gurugram. 19.11.2020 10.09.2021
9 Comprensive Maintance of STP in Manesar GGM 2.03.2021 1.03.2022
10 Special repair of 102 Type-I & 56 Type-II (actual-48) Houses in IRB Bhondsi Distt. Gurugram. 2.03.2021 1.03.2022
11 Up-gradation of Boudnary wall at CRPF side at RTC Bhondsi. 2.03.2021 30.09.2021
12 Consrruction of Multi-storey Residential Flats for HIPA Sec-45 Gurugram. 3.05.2021 2.05.2023
13 Repair of Warden Hostel community centre, electric substation, garage at Distt. Jail Bhondsi Distt. Gurugram 15.06.2021 14.06.2022
14 Construction of Separate Women Toilet in Poice Station Sohna, Sec-5, Shivaji Nagar, Farukhnagar, bilaspur, Traffic-II at Manesar, new Colony Sec-9 and Traffic-I hero Honda Chowk in distt. Gurugram 22.7.2021 19.09.2021
15 Setting up of DITAC Lab at 2nd floor Traffic tower Sushant Lok Gurugram. 22.07.2021 20.10.2021
16 Construction of PORTA Cabin at Bus stand Gurugram 22.07.2021 18.11.2021


Sr. No Description of Work