Complete Project

Sr. No Name of work Distt Month of completion
1 Up-gradation of heritage Police Stations at Naraingarh and Ambala Cantt. Ambala May-19
2 Up-gradation of officer colony in Jail, Ambala. Ambala Jul-19
3 Const. of 1 SP, 2 DSP residence of SVB at Ambala. Ambala Oct-19
4 Up-gradation of Boundary wall in HAP Complex at Ambala Ambala Jan-20
5 Construction of Police Public School in Distt. Bhiwani Bhiwani Apr-19
6 Special Repair of Line office in Police Lines, Bhiwani. Bhiwani Oct-19
7 Special Repair of Non-Residential Building in Distt. Jail, Bhiwani. Bhiwani Oct-19
8 Construction of DSP Residence and Office at Loharu Distt. Bhiwani. Bhiwani Nov-19
9 Construction of women Police station at Charkhi Dadri. Charkhi Dadari Apr-19
10 Construction of 120 No. T-II houses  in Police Lines, Faridabad Faridabad 19-Aug
11 Repair of houses for Open Air Jail Faridabad. Faridabad Jan-20
12 Construction of 96 type-II and 12 type-IV Houses in Police Lines, Fatehabad. Fatehabad May-19
13 Up-gradation of Road, Main Gate raising of Boundary wall in Police Lines, Fatehabad. Fatehabad Oct-19
14 Construction of 1 Type-IVf, 4 Type-III and 12 Type-II Houses in Sadar Police Station, Tohana Distt. Fatehabad. Fatehabad Oct-19
15 Special Repair of 35 No. (66-101) Houses Police Line Gurugram. Gurugram Jun-19
16 Construction of 48 No. T-II Houses in P.L Manesar Gurugram 19-Aug
17 Construction of Road, water supply system & other service in Police Line Manesar Gurugram 19-Aug
18 Construction of Boundary Wall & Sub Station Police Line Manesar. Gurugram Sep-19
19 Special Repair of Admn. Block, Teaching Block, Ors Mess, PHC Sulabh Toilet & B.Wall  of Police Complex Bhondsi Gurugram Oct-19
20 Balance work of Police Public School Bhondsi Distt. Gurugram. Gurugram Nov-19
21 Comprehesive Maintance construction of S.T.P in Bhondsi distt. GGN Gurugram Nov-19
22 Special Repair of 270 houses Jail Bhondsi Gurugram Nov-19
23 Special Repair of 23 No. Officer Residence police line & Sushant Lok Gurugram. Gurugram Dec-19
24 Up-gradation of 6 No. S.P Residence & 1No. DGP Residence RTC Bhondsi Gurugram Jan-20
25 Construction of 24 Type-II Houses in City Police Station Hisar. Hisar Oct-19
26 Construction of 10 New Class Rooms, Toilets and Ramp in Govt. College at Hisar. Hisar Oct-19
27 Special Repair of 3 DSP Residences in Police Lines, Jhajjar. Jhajjar Apr-19
28 Renovation of Office of Superintendent of Police, Jhajjar. Jhajjar Dec-19
29 Construction of Secondary school in Police Lines, Jind. Jind 19-Aug
30 Construction of Triple Storey Barrack, in P.L.Jind. Jind Oct-19
31 Construction of Canteen in Govt. College at Safidon Distt. Jind Jind Oct-19
32 Construction of 6 Type-II and 2 Type-III Houses in City Police Station at Safidon Distt. Jind. Jind Nov-19
33 Construction of 4 Watch Towers Distt. Jail, Kaithal Kaithal 19-Aug
34 Construction of 18 type-II houses in Police Station at Guhla, Distt. Kaithal Kaithal Oct-19
35 Construction of 36 type-II, 24 type-III and 12 type-IV houses in Civil Lines Police Station and 24 type-II houses in New Police Lines, Kaithal Kaithal Nov-19
36 Construction ORs Barracks in Police Lines, Kaithal Kaithal Nov-19
37 Construction of CID office at Kaithal Kaithal Nov-19
38 Construction of 72 type II and 36 type III houses in Police Complex Madhuban Karnal May-19
39 Construction of DSP office at Assandh, Distt. Karnal. Karnal Jun-19
40 Construction of Police Public School in Police Lines, Karnal. Karnal Jul-19
41 Development and Landscaping work in Police Lines, Karnal. Karnal Jul-19
42 Up-gradation of IGP Office at Karnal. Karnal Jul-19
43 Special repair of houses for Open Jail in the premises of District Jail, Karnal. Karnal Sep-19
44 Construction of  internal roads in HPA, Madhuban Karnal Oct-19
45 Reuse of STP water in Police Complex at Madhuban Karnal Oct-19
46 Construction of Gaushala at Jail Campus, Karnal Karnal Nov-19
47 Special Repair of Mess No. 1 to 6 in HPA at Madhuban, Distt. Karnal. Karnal Dec-19
48 Repair of Swimming Pool in HPA at Madhuban, Distt. Karnal. Karnal Dec-19
49 Construction of Gaushala at Jail Campus, Karnal. Karnal Dec-19
50 Landscaping work in Police Lines, Karnal. Karnal Dec-19
51 Construction of 6 nos. Type-II, 2 Type-III,1 no Type-IV houses in Police Station Pehowa Distt. Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra Apr-19
52 Special Repair of 192 Houses for Ors, 26 for NGO and 2 fro Inspector Houses at Police Lines Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra May-19
53 Construction of 1 ASP and 2 DSP Residence in Police Line Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra Jun-19
54 Construction Store in Police line Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra Jun-19
55 Construction of NGO Hostel in Police lines, Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra Jul-19
56 Construction of Store in Police line Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra Jul-19
57 Construction of watch towers & boundary wall in district jail kurukshetra. Kurukshetra 19-Aug
58 Construction of first floor on  Distict training centre in Police Lines, KKR Kurukshetra Oct-19
59 Earth Filling in Campus of Police Public School In Police, Line Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra Nov-19
60 Construction of 52 type-II and 12 type-III houses in Police Lines at Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra Jan-20
61 Construction of 36 Type-II Houses in Police Station, Narnaul Distt. Mohindergarh. Mohindergarh Apr-19
62 Construction of 12 Type-I, 36 Type-II & 12 Type-III Houses in Police Lines, Narnaul Distt. Mohindergarh. Mohindergarh May-19
63 Construction of auditorium building in GMC  Nalhar Distt. Nuh Nuh Apr-19
64 Construction of Govt. College at Punhana Distt. Nuh. Nuh Apr-19
65 Up-gradation of Hostel Facilities  in Police Station Nuh. Nuh Sep-19
66 Const. of Police Public School at Police Lines, Nuh Nuh Nov-19
67 Installation of aluminum Jali and insect net in the window of hospital building of SHKM, Nalhar, Nuh. Nuh Dec-19
68 UP-gradation of Non Residence Building in Police Lines, Palwal. Palwal Aug-19
69 Construction of Govt. College at Hodal, Distt Palwal Palwal Oct-19
70 Special Repair of 96 houses T-II and 24 houses T-II & 12 no. T-I , 12 No. T-IV & 4 No. T-V and 1 No. T-VIII in Police Lines, Palwal. (Total 149 Nos. Houses). Palwal Oct-19
71 Special Repair of DSP Residence at Hodal, Palwal. Palwal Dec-19
72 Construction of Welfare Centre in Police Lines Palwal. Palwal Jan-20
73 Installation of Tube well in Police Lines, Moginand, Panchkula. Panchkula May-19
74 Up-gradation of Police Station at Pinjore, Raipur Rani & Chandimandir in Distt. Panchkula. Panchkula Jun-19
75 Up-gradation of 2nd and 3rd floor for CID in Sector-6, Panchkula. Panchkula Jun-19
76 Construction of 12 nos. DSP Residence at Police Lines Panchkula. Panchkula Jul-19
77 Up-gradation of CID Training School in Sector 19, Panchkula. Panchkula Jul-19
78 Water Proofing Treatment on the terrace of Block D roof in Civil Hospital, Sector 6, Pkl. Panchkula Aug-19
79 Construction of 16 nos. Cluster  Type I houses in Police Lines, Panchkula. Panchkula Sep-19
80 Up gradation of roads in Police Lines, Moginand, Panchkula. Panchkula Sep-19
81 Construction of Sports stadium at Govt. College Kalka Panchkula Nov-19
82 Up-gradation of boundary wall of Police Post Sector 10, Sector 19 and Sector 14, Panchkula. Panchkula Nov-19
83 Up-gradation of Police Post Sector 2, boundary wall and ladies toilet in MDC Sector 5 and construction of toilet in Police Post Sector 15, Panchkula Panchkula Jan-20
84 Construction of additional work in Sports Stadium at Kalka Distt, Panchkula Panchkula Jan-20
85 Construction of front boundary wall and gate in Police Lines, Panipat Panipat Oct-19
86 Up-gradation of STP by increasing capacity of 0.3 MLD to 0.5 MLD and AMC of STP in Police Lines, Panipat Panipat Jan-20
87 Construction of various buildings & Estate Services in Distt. Jail Panipat. (Phase- II) Panipat Jan-20
88 Construction of 16 Nos. T-II & 06 Nos. T-III Houses in Police Lines, Rewari  (Now to be 12 Type II & 12 Type III) Rewari May-19
89 Special Repair of 3 IGs Residence, 10` Commandant Residences and 12 DSP Residences in PTC Sunaria Distt. Rohtak. Rohtak Jun-19
90 Up-gradation of IG Office at Rohtak. Rohtak Jun-19
91 Construction of Girls Hostel Building Govt. IC College at Rohtak. Rohtak Oct-19
92 Construction of Office Building of District Forum Rohtak in District Administration Complex. Rohtak Oct-19
93 Construction of Girls Hostel Building Govt. IC College at Rohtak. Rohtak Nov-19
94 Repair work (White wash/ Paint) and Tiling work of District Jail, Rohtak Rohtak Nov-19
95 Construction of DSP office and residence at Dabwali Distt. Sirsa Sirsa Jan-20
96 Special Repair of Roads in Police lines, Sonepat. Sonepat May-19
97 Repair of 51 residential houses for Officers / Officials in the premises of Distt. Jail, Sonepat. Sonepat Dec-19
98 Construction of boundary wall between barracks and courtyard in Distt. Jail ,Yamunanagar. Yamuna Nagar Apr-19
99 Special Repair of old Houses (8 type-I and 240 Type-II and 14 Type-III)  in Police line at Yamunanagar Yamuna Nagar May-19
100 Construction of 2 no. DSP houses in Police Line Yamunanagar. Yamuna Nagar Aug-19