Sr. No Name of work Month of completion
1 Repair of General  Ward, Women Barracks, Watch Tower and construction of Third Security Kot Moka Wall in Distt. Jail,  Sunaria,  Distt. Rohtak. Jan-21
2 Special Repair of Officer’sTraining Hostel in PTC Sunaria,  Distt. Rohtak. Jan-21
3 Construction of Two Barracks in Police Lines, Rohtak. Feb-21
4 Construction of Women Hostel in PTC Sunaria,Distt. Rohtak. Mar-21
5 Construction of Trainers Hostel at Sunariadistt. Rohtak. Apr-21
6 Construction of balance work of boundary wall along with Sindhu Farm in PTC Sunaria. Apr-21
7 Special Repair of up-gradation of Security by Construction Guard Room Teaching Block ORs Mess, ArmouryKot, Multipurpose Ground Concrete Road, 16 Barrack and Open Theater in PTC SunariaDistt. Rohtak. Jun-21
8 Up-gradation of Boundary Wall, Main Gate and widening of roads in Police Lines, Rohtak. Jul-21


Sr. No Name of work Date of start Stipulated Date of completion
1 Construction of Auditorium Building at Sunaria, Distt. Rohtak. 30.01.2020 25.11.21
2 Construction of New Block Building at Lal Nath Hindu College, Rohtak 12.03.2020 08.10.21
3 Extension of Girls Hostel Building situated at M.K.J.K College, Rohtak  24.11.2020 25.10.21
4 Up gradation of roads in PTC Sunaria, Distt. Rohtak 04.06.21 21.11.21
5 Providing and Fixing various items under accessible India Campaginat various places in Distt. Rohtak and Sonepat 30.06.21 18.10.21
6 Renovation of existing Bus stand and workshop at Rohtak and sampla, Distt. Rohtak  30.06.21 15.02.2022
7 Comprehensive Maintenance Contract of STP at Sunaria, Rohtak 09.08.21 08.08.22


Sr. No Description of Work