Sr. No Name of work Date of completion
1 Special Repair of 3 IGs Residence, 10` Commandant Residences and 12 DSP Residences in PTC Sunaria Distt. Rohtak. Jun-19
2 Up-gradation of IG Office at Rohtak. Jun-19
3 Construction of Girls Hostel Building Govt. IC College at Rohtak. Oct-19
4 Construction of Office Building of District Forum Rohtak in District Administration Complex. Oct-19
5 Construction of Girls Hostel Building Govt. IC College at Rohtak. Nov-19
6 Repair work (White wash/ Paint) and Tiling work of District Jail, Rohtak Nov-19
7 Special Repair of Community Centre in Police Lines, Rohtak. Jun-20
Sr. No.  Name of Work  Date of Start Stipulated Date of completion
1 Construction of Two Barracks in Police Lines, Rohtak. 12.10.2018 5.09.2020
2 Construction of State Vigilance Building at Rohtak. 04.12.18 18.09.2020
3 Construction of 2 DSP Residence in Police Lines, Rohtak. 04.09.19 28.09.2020
4 Repair of General Ward, Women Barracks, Watch Tower and Construction of Third Security KotMoka Wall in Distt. Jail SunariaDistt. Rohtak. 04.09.19 23.09.2020
5 Construction of MitrKaksh in Police Station IMT, Sampla and Shivaji Colony in Distt. Rohtak 13.09.19 10.05.2020
6 Construction of Women Hostel in PTC SunariaDistt. Rohtak. 06.09.19 25.11.2020
7 Construction of 2 barracks in SunariaDistt. Rohtak. 07.10.19 14.05.2021
8 Construction of Trainers Hostel at SunariaDistt. Rohtak. 07.10.19 25.11.2020
9 Construction of Auditorium Building at Sunaria, Distt. Rohtak. 30.01.2020 28.07.2021
10 Up-gradation of Boundary Wall, Main Gate and widening of roads in Police Lines, Rohtak. 04.03.20 28.12.2020
11 Construction of New Block Building at LalNath Hindu College, Rohtak 12.03.2020 12.03.21
12 Up-gradation of SP Camp Office at Rohtak. 28.01.2020 26.05.20
13 Renovation of toilets for 16 double storey barracks and non-residential buildings at PTC SunariaDistt. Rohtak. 12.03.20 10.07.2020
14 Special Repair of Up-gradation of Security by Construction Guard Room Teaching Block ORs Mess, ArmouryKot, Multipurpose Ground Concrete Road, 16 Barrack and Opern Theater in PTC SunariaDistt. Rohtak. 01.04.2020 27.03.2021
15 Comprehensive Maintenance Contract of STP at Sunaria, Rohtak 12.05.20 12.05.21
Sr. No Description of Work
1. Annual Maintenance of combined water works for District Jail, Police Line Complex and Indian Institute of Management near Village Sunaria Khurd at Rohtak for the year 2019-20
2. Development of park and sports complex in PTC Sunaria.
3. Up-gradation of Roads in PTC Sunaria Distt. Rohtak.
4. Construction of HPHC Division Office, Rohtak.
5. Construction of Hospital/ Dispensary in Sunaria.
6. Construction of Swimming Pool in Sunaria.
7. Construction of 84 houses in Police Lines, Rohtak.