Sr. No Name of work Date of completion
1 UP-gradation of Non Residence Building in Police Lines, Palwal. Aug-19
2 Construction of Govt. College at Hodal, Distt Palwal Oct-19
3 Special Repair of 96 houses T-II and 24 houses T-II & 12 no. T-I , 12 No. T-IV & 4 No. T-V and 1 No. T-VIII in Police Lines, Palwal. (Total 149 Nos. Houses). Oct-19
4 Special Repair of DSP Residence at Hodal, Palwal. Dec-19
5 Construction of Welfare Centre in Police Lines Palwal. Jan-20
6 Construction of 48 nos T-II & 24 nos T-III types in Police Lines, Palwal Jun-20
7 Construction of Road Parks Tubewell and water supply etc in Police Lines, Palwal Jun-20
Sr. No. Name of work Date of start Stipulated Date of completion
1 Construction of 48 Type-II houses for ORs in Police Lines, Palwal 13.09.2019 31.03.2021
2 Construction of Community Centre at Palwal. (Providing and Fixing various items under Accessible India Campaign.) 23.03.2020 22.04.2020.
3 Construction of Additional Fire Escape pre-fab Stair Case in Existing 3 Towers ( 2 Type-II and Type-III) houses in Police Lines, Palwal 02.06.2020 30.11.2020
Sr. No Description of Work
1 Construction of One DSP, One SHO, 6 NGOs and 12 ORs Residences at Hathin.
2 Construction of 2nd Floor of Police Public School in Police Lines, Palwal