Sr. No Name of work Date of completion
1 Construction of 120 No. T-II houses  in Police Lines, Faridabad Aug-19
2 Repair of houses for Open Air Jail Faridabad. Jan-20
3 Construction of 0.5 MLD Capacity STP in Police Lines, Faridabad Jun-20
Sr. No. Name of work Date of start Stipulated Date of completion
1 S/R of 360 Nos houses in Police Lines, Faridabad. 22.12.2017 21.07.2020
2 Construction of 7 No. DCP Residences in Police Lines, Faridabad. 15.01.2018 15.07.2019
3 Construction of Officer’s Training Institute in Police Lines, Faridabad. 26.09.2018 31.07.2020
4 Construction of Welfare Centre in Police Lines, Sector-30,Faridabad 22.08.2019 21.08.2020
5 Special Repair of General and Women Barracks, watch towers & sewerage scheme of Distt-Jail Faridabad. 03.09.2019 15.12.2020
6 Construction of  additional stair case      ( Fire escape pre-fab stair case) for 21 Towers (16+5) Type-II and Type-III in Sector-30 and Police Lines, Faridabad 03.10.2019 3.06.2021
7 Construction of Police Station Building at BhupaniDistt-Faridabad. 09.10.2019 06.01.2021
8 Construction of Boundary wall with concertina coil around Distt-Jail, Faridabad. 09.10.2019 27.08.2020
9 Up-gradation of Administrative Block, Staff room, common room, conference room & toilet block in Aggarwal College at BallabgarhDistt. Faridabad. 24.02.2020 23.07.2020
10 Providing and Installation of 4 Rain water harvesting well in the campus of 120 type-II in Police Lines, Sector-30, Faridabad. 12.03.2020 8.09.2020
11 Up-Gradation of Roads in Residential Area in Jail Complex at Faridabad 14.03.2020. 13.09.2020
12 Up-Gradation of Triple Storey Barrack in Police Lines, Sector-30, Faridabad. 14.03.2020 20.09.2020
13 Construction of Police Public School in Police Lines, Faridabad (Providing and fixing various items under Accessible India Campaign. 02.03.2020 22.05.2020
14 Construction of Additional Fire Escape pre-fab stair case in one Tower Type-II Multistoried houses in NIT, Faridabad 02.06.2020 30.09.2020
15 Construction of MitraKaksh in Police Station Campus at Mujesar, NIT, Sector-37 and Saran in Distt-Faridabad. 19.03.2020. 14.12.2020.
16 Up-gradation of shopping centre in Police Lines, Sector-30, Faridabad 26.05.2020 23.08.2020
17 Up-gradation of Road in Police Lines, Sector-30, Faridabad 26.05.2020 21.11.2020
18 Up-gradation of P.P NIT, Kotwali& Boundary wall at Police Station, Sector-58, Faridabad. 26.05.2020 23.08.2020
Sr. No Description of Work
1. Pdg. & Installation of Reverse Osmosis (R.O) process system of existing 4 nos. tubewell in Police Lines, Sector-30, Faridabad.
2. Construction of Additional Fire Escape Pre-fab structure & Fire Fighting system in existing 3 Towers (2 Type-II and 1 Type-III) multistoreyed cluster hosues in NIT Faridabad.